Stoppt das undemokratische TiSA-Handelsabkommen

Stop TISA!

Stop Free Trade Agreement TISA

The Free Trade Agreement TISA,

which comes in the slipstream of the Free Trade Agreement TTIP, is not less dangerous. It is to be concluded between more than 20 countries. Video Summary: The negotiations are held in secret. “Public health services, water and energy supply, education, the financial sector as well as many other fields will be deregulated (…) and exposed to international competition.” Andreas Zumach, TAZ, 04/27/2014. This means privatization. Labor leasing will be possible by TISA and so the exploitation of temporary workers, who could be sent from China to Europe, for example. This Agreement violates human dignity and results in a progressive deterioration of the living conditions. Power imbalance between population and corporations would continue to increase. We urge the Federal Government to break off the negotiations and efforts to TISA (Trade in Services Agreement) immediately. For doing this, we need your signature!

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